The solution to the problem of the ku klux klan organization

You still have offered no intelligent argument against mine, so I will assume you have none. The Civil Rights Act of Board of Education decision.

What was the solution to the problem of ku klux klan violence?

Hugo Black, Democrat of Alabama. That is entirely misappropriating what WP: That the KKK is Far Right is not the slightest bit "contentious" among scholars, academics, or anyone whose opinion does matter on Wikipedia. I hate to say it, but you suggesting "centre-right" is acceptable where "far right" is unacceptable leads me to believe you might fall into that group.

Just because editors propose these WP: TLDR as to why I'm not thoroughly familiar with the comments. Baker argues that Klansmen seriously embraced Protestantism as an essential component of their white supremacist, anti-Catholic, and paternalistic formulation of American democracy and national culture.

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Three Klans First KKK The first Klan was founded in Pulaski, Tennesseesometime between December and August by six former officers of the Confederate army [20] as a fraternal social club inspired at least in part by the then largely defunct Sons of Malta.

Whether you're a Liberal or a Conservative, or a fascist or a socialist or any other political designation there are going to be people and organizations that take your ideology too far.

Consensus asks that an effort be made to incorperate editor's legitimate concerns. Lifting the Klan mask revealed a chaotic multitude of antiblack vigilante groups, disgruntled poor white farmers, wartime guerrilla bands, displaced Democratic politicians, illegal whiskey distillers, coercive moral reformers, sadists, rapists, white workmen fearful of black competition, employers trying to enforce labor discipline, common thieves, neighbors with decades-old grudges, and even a few freedmen and white Republicans who allied with Democratic whites or had criminal agendas of their own.

The goal of Prohibition in particular helped the Klan and some Republicans to make common cause in the North. On Wikipedia we should follow the guidelines as written and not label groups with contentious labels.

The KKK and the Issue of Hate Crimes Essay

Local chapters and bands were highly independent. The consensus concerning the label is that it's not contentious, that it's not even really a label, and that all sources point to that being the case.

I'm not comparing "far right" and "Center right" as one being more appropriate than the other. The fact that you brought it up at ll, leads me to conclude that my comments are not being read, and I should continue adding my good faith opinions on this talk page until they are read, in full.

Every one of our sources all linked use "far right"; the academic consensus is clear and we shouldn't suggest that it's not.

The current version violates nothing. It emphasized anti-Jewishanti-Catholicanti-immigrant and later anti-Communist positions. The narrative in the source talks about a particular rally in Gainesville, and along side it there is an attached picture with the caption "KKK Rally".

Indeed, all they had in common, besides being overwhelmingly white, southern, and Democraticwas that they called themselves, or were called, Klansmen. Phillip Randolph, organized the March by Dr.

The Enforcement Act of 8.

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The second KKK preached "One Hundred Percent Americanism" and demanded the purification of politics, calling for strict morality and better enforcement of Prohibition. The Klan had a nationwide reach by the mids, with its densest per capita membership in Indiana.

How hard was that? Terms used to "label" one group or another. You will not find a single reputable source to back up your ludicrous and absurd "analysis.

Those political leaders assassinated during the campaign included Arkansas Congressman James M. And I'm entitled to that opinion, without your incorrect presumption that I need reminded of it.

Republicans pushed through much of the groundbreaking civil rights legislation from the s through the s. The 13th Amendment 3. And since the scholarly consensus is that they ARE "Far Right," you would need, in order to refute this, to present Reliable Sources showing that this is a contentious issue in the academic world, and you will not find these imaginary sources.

Or don't say Progressive Conservative Party of Canada was a centre right party You have presented nothing at all in favor of your opinion. I'm of two minds about auxiliaries such as women's and youth groups -- perhaps they should be listed with notice of their link to the parent Klan.No, the Ku Klux Klan Has Never, Ever Been a 'Leftist' Organization.

March 08, that the Ku Klux Klan was "a leftist terrorism organization." The Klan organizer was told to find out what was worrying a community and to offer the Klan as a solution. Nov 12,  · Ku Klux Klan groups are diversifying their aims and marketing themselves to people of color. But these moves aren't new: The Klan has long tried to.

The Brotherhood of Klans (BOK) has long been one of the largest and most widespread Ku Klux Klan organizations in the United States.

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It’s also the only KKK faction to establish chapters outside the U.S., with a sizable presence in Canada. The solution to the problem of the ku klux klan organization Posted at h in Novedades by The Black Holocaust Society is a non-profit organization created for the purpose the solution to the problem of the ku klux klan organization of dispute resolution using truth.

The Ku Klux Klan developed into a paramilitary organization, but it began as a social club for Confederate veterans who wanted to restore white supremacy. As new constitutions were ratified in the South in the late s, local and state Republican governments focused on.

Back inthousands of Ku Klux Klan members paraded past the U.S. Treasury building in Washington, D.C., as part of a big rally. Throughout its iterations, the KKK has tried to position itself as a respectable, mainstream civic organization.

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The solution to the problem of the ku klux klan organization
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